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Thu 12 January 2006

Dad continued with the RHS cover plate - shaping of the second one is always easier when you know what you are aiming at.
I made a backing plate for the VOR puck / VS tip.
Then with the weather improving, we took some 800 grit wet and dry paper to take some of the 'roughness' off and provide a key for the new top coat.
Then a good wash and leave to dry in the sunshine for a couple of hours.
The spraying went pretty well, a couple of potential runs, the most noticeable on the rear upper RHS hoop. I'll wait for it to dry and go back fresh to it, a bit of wet & dry might be enough.
Then we looked at the empennage fairing. I trimmed some of the VS duck tail but limited success. One things that wasn't immediately obvious was the moulding marks - the basic shape is actually shown, however we will probably provide a little more edge clearance if possible.
This is the current state. Basically either the two sides are down, and it isn't aft enough (about 1/16"), or one side is about 1/8" too high. I think further trimming of the VS neck is the right way to go, if we have to I can always re-glass that bit.
Carl Morgan