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Fri 13 January 2006

This is the size of the problem!
We ended up heating the turtle neck a bit with a hot air gun and carefully drill each side separately. Then with the heat again, we set both sides with clecos. It seems to have work well so far.
Dad continued with the drilling / markup of the fairing.
I worked on the HS tips. Using some form to form a backing support.
Then a bead of silca / flox around the edges,
and two layers of 2oz BID cloth. This was then left in the sun to cure.
This is the result of the markup which Dad then attacked for shaping.
Combination of die grinder and belt sander got it close, the next step is the interface between the leading edge fibreglass and AL lower cover.
I continued with the wing tips - these need trimming for clearance with the ailerons. The plans state 1/4" but that leaves about a 1/16" step between the wing skin line and the designed gap.
After a bit of thought, we elected to make the alignment simple and continue the wing skin line aft on the tips. This will also provide a little more flexibility in side to side mounting of the ailerons if needed.
Clamping the work for the die grinder was simple but the use of the AL rib helped keep everything firm. RHS tip done, LHS still to go.
Finishing off, after a few hours the glass work had started to harden, I used a knife to trim the excess BID cloth and then left well alone for it cure. The plan is to put another layer of cloth on the inner side after removing the foam.
Carl Morgan