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Sun 15 January 2006

I started by finishing some light sanding on the canopy side rails to remove a little over spray that had crept under the masking.
The black paint finish has come out really well - first bit of painting that I've been pleased with! It is actually quite matt and doesn't reflect much at all. It does get hot quickly though.....
Dad continued with the empennage fairing and trimming and cutting for the elevator horns.
then nutplate drilling for the VS & HS.
We de-rigged the VS for final deburring and riveting.
Dad finished the VS nutplates, it does help to have the nutplate cleco'd in before squeezing the rivets........
After a mishap with the canopy frame (it was blown onto the gravel whilst baking outside - and then the subsequent cursing....) The major part of my day was spent rubbing down the micro-balloon / resin filler / sealer on the upper cowl. In general it seems to have worked quite well, although slightly thinner & fresher resin would probably make it a bit easier to work with and then sand down.
Finishing up for me, I did the LHS wing tip trimming, not quite complete, but good first stab.
Carl Morgan