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Fri 20 January 2006

Dad sorted the nutplates on the HS - the aft most ones we have decided to use #6 single legged. I'll need to add them to the next misc bit order.
The fuselage locations are a little more tricky but bucked them fine.
Also sorted the #6 countersinking in the longeron / rear locations.
I continued with the cowling. The rear upper hinges were drilled and preped for flox rivetting.
Also did a bit more surface preparation on the upper cowl. One of the problems is I'm not sure how much is "enough" - very difficult to see in the photo, but there are multiple small locations that are still lower.
Some parts are fine however.
The hinge was simple enough to attach.
Then I used the remaining resin with some micro-balloons and did some more surface covering.
Carl Morgan