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Sun 29 January 2006

The elevator counter balance peel ply came off cleanly, maybe not quite enough in total but a good start. I left it to cure before starting any sanding.
Next was the start of the long process of sanding and shaping the canopy fibreglass.
Working around the front and outboard edges with the palm sander and by hand with 80 grit removing the material on the electrical tape, then the tape itself. This gets the basic shape and the edges can be feathered down further as needed. Slow, repetitive progress.
After a few hours, I got bored and moved onto something else. With the spinner gap fairly sorted, we don't need the prop on for a while and the spinner plates need painting. Removal of the prop takes a while, but not hard.
Did some prep work on cowls - the next step is the sort the sides, I also sorted some of the rough sanding of the lower half.
One of the bigger problems remaining for the custom plenum is the transition between the cowl and plenum. This was a first attempt at making a forma. This didn't work well, the clay dried too quickly and cracked. More thought needed....
The 'other end' of the transition needs to go into the plenum - this wooden template is the first step.
Carl Morgan