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Mon 30 January 2006

With the cool of the start of the (mid 20s) I got the glass work underway.
This is the lower cowl sides being builtup.
I was fairly generous and then removed the first tape layer to get rid of the excess resin/micro-balloon mix, this leaves an edge in 'nearly' the right place.
Then it was back to sanding - more slow iterative work. Managed to the whole basic shape complete to the green masking tape.
Some parts of the resin / filler seem to be setting slightly quicker than others, the RHS in particular seems to be rock hard already, so I continued with the delicate sanding down to the green masking tape on the plexi. The challenge is to remove / feather the fibreglass well enough that the green tape isn't trapped under the glass, but not going through the masking tape which would mark the plexi.... Careful balance needed.
Dad continued with the rear spinner plate, drilling and prep'ing for the nutplates.
Back to cowl / plenum connection - the new plan is to use two 2" long AL 4" tubes in each of the lower cowls and then join those to fibreglass transitions attached to the plenum / engine via baffle material or something similar.
More experimentation (as we don't really know what we are doing!), this time with a clay forma on the wooden exit template that I made yesterday.
The finished forma after more smoothing - left to dry a bit over night.
Carl Morgan