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Fri 03 February 2006

Continuing with the cowl, I sanded back some of the excess oozed flox.
Then pasted up some resin and put a couple of 2oz layers on.
The peel-ply to remove the excess resin and get a flat finish.
Misc bits completed, nutplates installed for the baggage tie downs.
Then lots of edging, scuff and preping for spraying. We have a reasonable size batch for both primer and probably some top-coat parts to.
Then with the wind coming up, we moved onto other things. I've been trying to work out were to keep the fire axe for a while, I want it close to the P1 side, but out of the way in normal operations. This is the rough planned location.
Dad sorted the RHS arm rest with some backing plates for the P2 control stick.
And I came up with a couple locations to be beefed up for the axe mounting. As always, a minor modification or 'bit' ends up taking an hour or more to fabricate / sort!
To finish the day, more sanding - a day wouldn't be the same without sanding. I removed the excess material and blended the glass edge back to the cowl surface. Next stage is to let the glass cure and then a large 4 3/8" hole saw......
Carl Morgan