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Sat 11 February 2006

First step for me today was removing most of the cockpit components. The panel and associated structures came out and some cleaning / tidying.
This provided access to the fuel system covers and the nutplate locations were drilled.
Dad continued making big holes for snap bushes.
A couple of firewall components have been on the list for a little while - the governor recess needed to be match drilled and dimpled after I removed the engine / frame on the hoist.
And the brake valve bracket needed some nutplates. We are trying to use ONLY nutplates on the firewall rather than having to worry about access to nuts / bolts combinations which will hopefully reduce some of the maintenance pain.
Also added a couple of additional fore/aft pass through the main spar. This was the mini-jig that Dad made (note the red cross is where we don't want the hole!)
Before the firewall recess could be completed, the rudder pedal bracket need sorting - riveting was a bit of a pain - the structure wasn't really stable enough for shooting/bucking and squeezing was difficult. In the end squeezing was used - some careful selection of dies and a bit of 'persuasion'.
Then a pro-seal session to finish. The original material is starting to go off a bit - not a problem for this work, it is mainly being used as a 'glue'. The new batch will be kept for the fuel tank / senders joint firstly.
Dad did the messy bit again - NACA vents were first. We ended up using pop rivets with small stainless washers as a backing plate - worked well, I'll worry about if I want to fill / dress the external surface later.
Then onto the main recess - generous provision to seal the joint.
Some masking to remove the gross excesses helps make the job look respectable at the end.
The shooting / bucking is messy with Pro-Seal, we ended up doing a few locations then cleaning the tools. The VANs callout for the side rivets (AD426 3-4's) are rather marginal, I would probably go for -5 'next time'. Also gooed the brake bracket and cleco'd it on, I'll worry about that riveting later.
Carl Morgan