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Mon 06 March 2006

First up I sorted the trimming of the seat braces. This was a little difficult because of the finished paint work. I used a piece of thin stainless steel sheet as a protector, drilled the corner and edge locations and then used a conical rotary burr. The finishing was with a safe edge file. All in all about as good as I could have hoped for.
The roll bar frame with C channel still attached then slipped in comparatively easily.
The relief seemed to make all the difference and allows the brackets to slide back.
Then I moved onto the upper rear C channel mounts, this should have been a good idea and the squeezed rivets were pretty easy.
The problem was I had missed a bulkhead rivet, with the C channel in, I couldn't get a flush rivet gun, yoke of any kind or even a pop-rivet gun in. Therefore I had to drill out 4 perfectly good rivets, to be able to squeeze the problem rivet. The drilled locations were for the old style bracket at the aft end of the channel. Not something most builders will have a problem with, luckily we hadn't done the skin upper rivet locations.
Most of the afternoon we spent going back over the firewall layout options. The challenge is mounting the two battery boxes with enough space above them to get the batteries in/out, plus the two bulky ECUs which have the spark plug leads. I think we are getting to a possible solution......
Carl Morgan