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Wed 08 March 2006

Continuing with the firewall layout, after a night sleep the proposed solution still seemed to make sense (for now). I started adding lots of extra rivet locations and also a 032 doubler plate for the rear side.
Mean while Dad sorted the upper longeron rivets and the rear bulk head. The inboard locations were OK, but the outboard (upper) ones were complete PITA.
We ended up bucking the last three locations from the other side. I can't see a method of completing all these rivets in a 'controlled' manor. The only thing I can think of is to leave the striker plate until last and that might provide the access needed, however I won't stake much on that being the 'right' solution. The problem is these type of 'challenges' just EAT time, we seem to be plodding along a bit more than usual at the moment.
Also spent quite a bit of the afternoon sorting electrical order from Stein. Sounds like it probably won't leave him until begining of next week. The AI instruments are going to be a real pain (poor availability), undecided on the best way forward. 
Carl Morgan