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Fri 10 March 2006

Sorted the brake lines, not tightened for final fitting yet, but at least all the lengths and couplings are sorted.
Dad swapped out the VANs AN4-12A for new AN4-13A along the top of the spar. The original bolts were very marginal in length, something we had orderd a while back but not completed yet.
I spent a large chunk of the afternoon looking at the installation of a simple cam lock for the canopy locking mechinism. This is the locked / closed position.
and this the open / unlocked. The key is to find a location for the 3/4" skin hole where the two lock positions don't interfere with mechinism.
With a stiffener bracket and a 3/16" spacer the solution is getting there. The final spacer bush for the cam arm can be sorted later, I need to do a little more and then it is ready for spraying. We have a number of bits ready for paint, but the weather is helping just at the moment.
Carl Morgan