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Sun 12 March 2006

First up, tried to get some sprarying done. Too cold for much and the paint wasn't going on well. I did manage to get the flap spacer done, so we installed the flap torque tube and bits.
Then the roll bar could be installed and the rear locations riveted (for the second time).
Slowly it is starting to look more complete!
After a bit of a clear up, the RHS wing was extracted from the cradle. We are hoping to get most of the misc things completed on it. I removed the tank cover and starting looking at the fuel sendor and the new VANs Service Bulletin - not a great solution to someones incompotence (IMHO).
The Duckworks light needs some spacers made which Dad is going to deal with.
As a finish up for the day I sorted some of the #8 lower nutplate locations. I'll open up the fuselage skin part later.
Carl Morgan