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Sat 18 March 2006

First thing dealing with Stein in the USA, hopefully my avionics should be picked up today, but I won't hold my breath.

Back on the project a bits day, the forward outboard corners of the plenum need to be trimmed to clear the new cowl inlets. Tin snips for the .032 and sabre saw for the AL angle corners.

Remounted the rudder, tweaked the ball joints slightly (an extra half turn in) which seems to help with the rudder stops.
Spent a couple of hours sorting locations and drilling for the two COM aerials on the under-belly. This is in the 'second bay' from the outboard edges and about 8" behind the main spar.
Also sorted the forward wing tank brackets. The bolts are a PITA to hold on the inner location, also note the direction of the nuts / bolts - don't ask me how I know.......
The current state of the project, it is nice to see it looking a little more like an aeroplane. Obviously not a lot of work complete compared with last week, but it is good for moral to have things together, tomorrow the local SAA chapter are here, so lots of eyes / ideas hopefully.
Carl Morgan