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Wed 19 April 2006

Once the stiffeners were all match drilled, they were split, edged and then formed
The home made bending break is still going strong and working well.
The LHS done.
Then the RHS location just below the battery.
The product for a days work..... fiddly bits.
I continued with the panel layout stuff. After more thought I decided to make a 'half panel' and the new option is for the master / ECU control to be on the LHS of the GRT MFD - tight but could work OK.
Then it was more prep work for a wood bed on the milling drill to mount the panel. The working area is about 8" deep by 18" wide, so the panel will need to be done in 4 or more sessions.
Completed the test drilling for the corners and switches - getting late, so will wait until tomorrow for the milling work.
Carl Morgan