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Wed 04 October 2006

I added a couple of studs to the circuit breaker bus bars and soldered them in and then continued with wiring and clamping various wire runs.
Dad sorted the two stick grips. Although there is only a single photo, it has probably taken best part of 2 days effort to come up with solutions / tools to drill the large bore holes acurately to the right size. Do yourself a favour and order the right sizes to start with - P1 = 1", P2 = 7/8".
With the new grips - the sitcks were marked and trimmed to clear the lower cross bar. About 5" of P1 (probably 1/4 - 1/2" more than needed) and about 3" of P2 stick.
Dad also sorted the P2 stick penetration for the control lines. P1 on the list for tomorrow.
Carl Morgan