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Sun 22 October 2006

Dad wrapped up some firewall forward routing / clamping.
Along with the main bus feeds being completed we were then ready for actually using the first switches that are working on the plane. The 3 contactor controls, A, B bus and X-Feed. A re-assurring 'thud' is heard and 12V appears on all the right places. The smoke stayed inside the wires so we called it sucessfull! Silly how such a trivial thing can actually be quite rewarding.....
After a trial fitting of the FADEC / SBC connection, I decided to remove the pins, shorten the connection further and solder it permenantly together.
Then back to wiring. Re-installed the FADEC harness and worked through routing, tying and connecting the remaining tales. I think most of the power connections are now provisioned, if not connected yet.
Carl Morgan