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Mon 13 November 2006

Dad continued with the firewall bulkhead connector for the Oil Pres / Temp sensors. Following the principle used everywhere else nutplates were sorted. We currently have no nuts on the firewall bolts / screws - nutplates everywhere (Thanks to Gary Sobek for this pointer way back when...)
After some more thought, Dad reterminated the solder connections, this helps reduce some of the excess cable and also added some heat shrink in a couple of areas.
I worked on the PTT connections and various tieing.
I removed the left tray and drilled / fixed the WingWag and fuel pump relay.
Dad managed to find some local spades that have the barbs on the back. The alternator connectors could then be completed.
I've been trying to sort locations for all the electronics boards, I was hoping the right hand tray would be big enough but not so. The new plan is to mount the dimmer controls on the LHS behind the MFDs.
Then after some testing / learning, power and ground cabling. We were going to use a seperate switch control for the dimmers, but the minimum load is only about 30mA so I've decided to just tag the dimmers onto the nav lights switch.
Carl Morgan