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Wed 15 November 2006

Dad continued with the rear deck, drilled a route for the electric pitch trim wires and the BNC bulkhead fitting for the NAV1 aerial.
I finished the fiddly wiring of the control switches and attached to the main harness already in the plane.
Then onto finishing power feeds / controls for the dimmers. We are running really short of #20 wire which means I'm having to scavenge where possible.
Dad put the 5/32" pop-rivets in the forward upper locations of the VS - something that has just been on the list for a while.
and organised a route and retention for the NAV aerial to stop it vibrating.
I finshed by removing the RHS tray and did some layout / mounting of the flap and CO detector board. As per usual it took longer to think / plane than actually do.
Carl Morgan