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Thu 21 December 2006

Dad started by mounting the LHS Duckworks light - we have the extra spacers due to the manufacturing problems. NAS screw-bolts have been used (3-10s) which makes it a bit easier to adjust.
I cleared up and prep'd for the LHS wing lower outboard skin.
First step was completing the pitot mast mount / doubler - all squeezed on. The mast is captive at this point.
Then onto rivetting - we started in the trailing edge corner, working an L shape to the mid span and up to the next 'cell'.
We then moved to the next cell trailing edge and worked the ribs up. This was repeated for the first 3 cells, then a simpler, rear edge, rib, front edge sequence could be used.
Putting a cloth in the "bottom" whilst rivetting helps reduce the risk of dropping a bucking bar onto the top skin.
The finished skin - a couple of minor smillies, but overall good.
Carl Morgan