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Sun 24 December 2006

Christmas was a day early for me this year - Mum & Dad are off overseas to see brother. I was lucky enough to be given a few useful tools and misc bits.
I wanted to play with some of the rigging and alignment components. I know the wing tips are going to need work, but wanted to get the flap / ailerons sorted first. The use of tight cord worked well for the trailing edge alignment.
This could then be worked back to the flap position and I spent more time getting push rods the right length. The main wing / aileron push rods seem very marginal. The length specified by VANs is in the 'mid position' and means adjustment is limited. My advice for any other builders - a 1/4" could be safely added to the wing tubes and will make life easier in long run.
The other observation was the bottom flap skin - not sure, but looks like a joggle will be needed in some way.
Carl Morgan