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Sat 17 March 2007

Had a day inside working on the decal labels for the panel. This is fiddly process and a bit hit and miss but the final result does look quite good. Some various photos to follow:
One thing that worked well was using an acetate sheet cut out to restrict where the glue went.
Difficult to see, but only the center 'text' area actually have spray glue on them.
Some bits needed reprinting.
We found airing the paper and pigments over the air conditioning helped dry and cool the materials before using them. (Cleco interested as ever!)
We struggled to get enough heat / pressure into the mylar transfer process and used an iron successfully - I think we might be in a minority here!
I wasn't very happy with the annunciator labelling, so used some citrus cleaner to lift the bad labels and remade them. Looks better now....
Difficult to see from the photo - but everything is labelled up and looks OK. 'Next time' I would powered coat the panel, I would also think seriously about getting them engraved - but it is difficult as you don't know what you need until you need it - and the flexibility of DIY is actractive. Maybe a grey panel with black text would be better - it would definitely be simpler!
Carl Morgan