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Wed 02 May 2007

RTV'd and riveted the plunum 'bubbles'.
The forward center locaiton of the baffle / plenum had significant gaps - RTV seems to fill them well, although it will be interesting to see how it holds up to use.
Also sealed the lower inter-cylinder baffle - not pretty but should work.
Added the fly wheel and alternator belt - tensioning I used the torque wrench method with it set at about 140 inch lbs - seems to work well.
Then engine off - hopefully for the last time - various bits of tidying and prep. We are waiting on an order from VANs for a fuel line and other parts, but some light seems to be coming at the end of the tunnel.
I spent a couple of hours working on the FADEC harness, it is a mixture of undoing / splitting the factory wiring and trying to manipulate the cables back into simple / tidy layout - not simple!
Carl Morgan