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Packing & storing

Thu 01 January 2004

Spent the rest of the day packing all the various bits onto the various shelves, racks, boxes etc that I could find. Trying to split things into Empennage, Fuselage, Firewall forward, 'Systems' and flight controls. Also tried to keep track of roughly where all the bits went.

Fri 02 January 2004

More packing and sorting of the general work space. Converted the Finishing shipping create into a temporary work bench which seems to have worked well. The create originally had two stiffeners across the top. We trimmed these so that the lid could be inverted. We then put the fibreglass cowling back into the crate for safe storage.
Banded it back up with high tension fabric wrap.
And put the work bench MDF top sheet on it. Seems to be reasonably stable and will get us going. This is an interim measure until we are able to get the steel from the local supplier for the long term bench.

Sun 04 January 2004

The gear legs had already started to rust and get pitting on the ground surfaces so Dad cleaned them up and smeared a little oil over them. Wrapped them in cling film and we put them out of the way for the moment. Otherwise we had a day off the project and did some socialising.

Sat 10 September 2005

Then I excepted that the cowl was needed. I empty the top surface of the box and used the chance to re-organise some of the parts.
Much of the storage space on the upper shelves was only partially used, so some consolodation and re-allocation was called for.
Dad then help extract the cowls out of the shipping create.
Carl Morgan