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Preparation & Setup

Mon 08 December 2003

The empty shed ready for the kits to be delivered. Dad has done a mammoth job of clearing and preparing the space.

Fri 03 December 2004

Whilst I've been away, Dad has been doing various bits, but mainly on the 'supporting infrastructure' rather than the actual plane. However, the first thing was to unpack and shuffle the contents of the shed to a more usable layout.
During the break a 'special offer' on an engine hoist at a local dealer was found so that was added to the list of tools / equipment for the project (and provides another object for me to bruise my shins on :-).
One of the biggest jobs has been the compressor / air and sheltered area. The compressor is now based outside under cover and the air is piped around the shed to multiple different locations. This has been a big job but should make some of the forth coming weeks a bit easier - one less thing to trip over - and significantly quieter :-)
The external covered area also now has power and lighting which should make spraying a little easier.

Thu 17 November 2005

As an easy start to getting going today we pottered around with a number of small buts. I sorted some ordering and tidied. Before moving the fuse a tie down locations was drilled
Then we could move the fuselage to the center of the shed which allows the wings and empennage to be mounted if needed. Also a bit more working space in general was freed up.
Carl Morgan