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Research & background

I've been seriously researching for this project since Jan 2002, although I except that 2 years is quite a bit of just planning. After the initial decision of choosing an RV 7A there are many other options and choices to make. Some of our thoughts and decisions are detailed here. More ramblings from me will be added as and when I have time. 

Mon 19 January 2004

The last couple of days have been a bit slower in progress, partly because we are working out / researching the new structure and partly because a few other things have been needed to be sorted. For example, today I spent about 3 hours time investigating local Kiwi suppliers for aviation things. One outfit in Auckland looks promising so I've given them a list of things to quote on. 

Wed 11 February 2004

Today has been a bit bitty, but sucessful and we learnt / saw how the pros do the paint prep. For misc entertainment I've also sorted a couple of additional pages as background to the project. The first is on current thoughts about engine choices and the second is a non-technical primer on some of the terminology used. 

Mon 18 December 2006

I also spent a chunk of the day on the 'net trying to sort a solution for panel labelling. The Pulsar solution looks promising, if difficult to get right, but I can't find a critical component (the spray glue) in New Zealand. Research / problem solving like this just eats time and added to the days frustrations. 
Carl Morgan