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Why the website?

These pages are here for 3 reasons. In order of importance:
  1. My builders log
    As a builder of an experimental aircraft, I'm required to keep a log of the work done and the major steps taken during the project.
  2. A possible resource for other builders / potential builders
    As part of a broader kit building community, I've learnt from and researched websites around the world and gained lots of useful information from them. This is my attempt at putting something back, hopefully it will be useful to someone at some time in the future.
    Disclaimer: This web site and the information contained within it are for entertainment purposes only. The opinions expressed on construction techniques are my opinions only and should not be confused with proper construction techniques. There is undoubtedly more than one way to build an airplane and some methods that I use may or may not work in any given circumstance. If there is any question please call the kit manufacturer. I am not responsible for the misuse of any information contained on this web site.
  3. Background & entertainment for friends and family
    This is a good side effect, the web provides a method to update friends and family of what I'm getting involved with and the progress being made.
My intention is to get the photos area updated on a regular / frequent basis. The words and text we will see how the enthusiasm lasts, after all the primary goal is to build the plane, generally speaking if I don't get the words done within a few days it tends not to happen. However if you want any additional information about specific photos / sections, send me an email and I'll try to help.

The website design is a combination of what I've seen work at other places, hopefully you will be able to find your way around effectively. It is based on a MySQL database and PHP generation scripts. This is then rendered to static pages. It is now hosted by www.onnow.net who have been very professional and efficent to date.

Any comments / ideas let me know.

Carl Morgan