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Who am I?

I'm very fortunate to have a great family and parents, however during the past 10 years I haven't seen much of them due to often being in different continents. This was one of the driving factors on why now for the project. Dad also holds a PPL and our first flight together (Jan 2002) both as qualified pilots was a fantastic experience for me.

Sidebar: I find it interesting that although we learnt in different countries (UK vs NZ), flown different types of aircraft (Cessna vs Piper, Single vs Twin) and with some variations in training approaches (20+ years), once we were in a single aircraft together, the approach and number of similarities to standards, pre-flight, planning, risk, checks and piloting were truly amazing. I guess that is what ICAO should provide, however standards can vary, as do attitudes and the commonality was more than a little freaky!

So in summary - the opportunity to spend blocks of solid time with my folks, in a part of the world I love, doing something together that we can collaborate in is something I'm very keen to undertake. Hopefully the stresses of living at home again won't cause too many arguments :-)

I hope you enjoy the website and seeing the progress that we are making.



Carl Morgan