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Why Build

Flying is a great passion for me, I just love being airborne. "Silly grin" is probably a suitable description. However to get this I require an aircraft to fly in, and at the moment I see three options:

  1. Hire a plane when needed
    • Pros
      Cheapest option
      Maintenance is someone else's problem
      2 & 4 seat options available as needed
    • Cons
      1960s - 1980s technology
      110-120 knot cruise
      Limited availability (have to share with other club members)
      Can't take away for extended periods without use
      No influence on equipment / avionics fit out

  2. Buy a whole / share of a new / used aircraft
    • Pros
      Moderate cost option
      Normally good availability
      2 or 4 seat options
      Some influence on equipment / avionics fit out
    • Cons
      1960s - 1990s technology
      110-140 knot cruise
      All maintenance must be completed by a qualified person (=$$/hour)
      Limited choice of equipment / avionics for certified aircraft

  3. Build a kit plane (eg VANs RV)
    • Pros
      Brand new personalised aircraft (including glass avionics)
      150-170+ knot cruise
      All maintenance can be completed by yourself
    • Cons
      Can be the expensive option
      Time to build

So it then comes down to a choice, and I made the emotional choice of build. This is not a financially logical choice and I reconciled that fact before making it. On the other hand I hope to have 20+ years of flying ahead of me and an RV provides a serious go-places aircraft.

Carl Morgan