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Sat 01 April 2006

Continuing with the nose wheel fairing, the next observation was the gap between the wheel forks and the fairing brackets - this is about 1/4", but I'm planning on building the inside of the fibreglass up with a few layers.
The next step was to trim the rear edge for clearance with the wheel. To start with I took about 1/4" off each time, however I finally wised up and just used the bolt plus a rule to get the 5.5" clearance. I tried moving one bracket by about 1/16" inch - this however didn't solve the alignement issue, that was too much - it is very subtle amounts.
This is the initial position - you can see the blue mark was the starting position. A final trim was completed to provide clearance (the black lines).
The cowl / plenum alignment needs more work - I'm not sure yet how to get a fibreglass shape, current options are clay, foam, on the engine or off on the bench.
Also sanded back the HS tips for the elevator clearance, maybe a little more to complete, but good enough for the moment.
Carl Morgan