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Sun 05 December 2004

One of the key rigging measurements is the wing sweep - or lack thereof. The RV 7 wings are completely straight - or should be. We stretched a reference line across the floor and then use a plumb bob to align the outmost and inboard leading edges. Generally both wings were pretty good - about 1/4" difference along the length, but both were slight swept forward.
Part of the reason for the problem was the first rivet above the rear spar attach point. The AN470 (domed head) rivet interferes with the wing spar.
The solution? Either remove material off the spar or remove and replace the rivet with a AN426 (counter sunk) rivet. I decided to go for the later.
Even with the rivet modification, a little filing on the spar was needed to assist with the various rigging requirements and mounting processes.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with frustrating problems. Everywhere we looked / reached for something it didn't work or required something else. All a bit depressing but on the positive side I did manage to finally get the IT / database back up and running. The log entries are a little out of date, but I'll catchup as soon as I can. 
Carl Morgan