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Wed 01 February 2006

Dad spent most of the day working on various bits around the rear upper fuselage.
One outstanding item was the new tip rollbar support. This requires some additional rivets, but by default this area had already been fluted so needed to be flattened.
The 8 aft most rivets need to be match drilled from below.
Dad also sorted various measurements and prep for the skins and roll bar ready for top coating and misc modifications.
Meanwhile, I was back to sanding, starting with the sides of the cowls.
The rough result after 80 grit, seems like a good start, I'll wait until the bottom cowl has been surface prep'd to finish the blending of the edges. Also letting the resin cure fully is probably advantageous.
The VANs strut mounts were drilled out and re-attached so the canopy could be put back on the fuselage for some alignment checks / panel layout.
Continuing with the cowls, I started on the inlets, I've pretty much decided to go the full hog and redo the inlets and provide custom ducts to the plenum. This is quite a bit of work, but should provide a 'unique' look and it is something that I believe is a good engineering solution - I may yet live to regret it!
I put the cowl halves back together after using electrical tape to provide a release line at the joint locations and also used some clay to help it specific areas.
This was the finished masking, prior to glass layup.
a 2oz, 6oz, 2oz sandwich - hopefully this will be enough to start the process.
To try and help get a flat-ish surface I used a couple of sheets of baking paper plus 032 AL sheet.
The whole cowl was then turned upside down and left to cure. I'm expecting to leave this for a couple of days and let things really set before starting to drill 4" holes in the front. So I now have a one piece cowl!
Of course it wouldn't be the same if there wasn't some canopy sanding somewhere in the day! I manage to finish the upper edge, so the initial sanding is now complete, next is re-masking and then more microballoon filler.
Carl Morgan