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Tue 21 March 2006

I decided to try completing the seat upholstery in-house. The reasoning behind this is primarily saving a few dollars, secondly I fancied a go at it, third (and the key), my Aunt is a tailoress and here on holiday ;-). The material was chosen from a local upholstrey shop and arrived today. 

Wed 22 March 2006


Thu 23 March 2006


Fri 24 March 2006


Sat 25 March 2006

More upholstery - got most of the cushions stiched up, still some 'big stiching needed'
The key to progress - a skilled Aunt - I have to admit I didn't do most of the very visible hand sewing.

Mon 27 March 2006

I finished the day catching up on some of the website words and also working on the pattern template for the stick boots. I've got a small amount of supple leather which should work OK. 

Fri 31 March 2006

Not much done, I did get the pattern for the stick boots sorted. This is just using an offcut of the seat material, probably I'll use leather in the end.
Carl Morgan